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-===== Precautions and Contra-Indications ​=====+===== Precautions and ContraIndications ​=====
-Massages affect ​the circulation ​and communications within and between all systems ​in the body (muscularcirculatorynervousetc.)it is how they can achieve ​their really nice effectsHoweverfor the same reasonsthey should be exercised with caution ​or avoided ​(totally or partially) ​in certain casessee our [[Massage precautions & contra indications sign]] + more details on the why and how surrounding these in a our table coming ​up soon+Before ​the session, take a moment together to consider possible precautions (where you should exert caution) ​and contraindications (where you should not massage). You can consult the list in the annex to this document.  
 +Ask your friend a few very basic questionsstarting from more general questions like  “HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?”“Do you feel any pain?” to then move to more specific onesfocussing in on the hand and armRegarding possible illnessesbe as little intrusive as possible. Inviting your friend to read the list of contraindications ​can be a good alternative to direct questioning,​ and will be more considerate with regards to their privacy 
 +Alsouse your common sense: What do you see? Are there any bruises, cuts, signs of a rash on their hands and arms? Does the skin look fragile? Are there any signs that might point to your friend having a fever?  
 +You might have to avoid a particular spot on your friend'​s hand or arm, or keep a very light pressure throughout the whole sequence ​(even if otherwise indicated ​in this manual!)or to avoid any massage altogether for now.  
 +In any case, do not improvise yourself a therapist, and always make sure the dialogue is open between you two, so that your friend will feel comfortable providing your with  feedback as you proceed.  
 +Always keep feeling, ​and adjust your movements ​in real time in response to the “information” you pick up; this way, the massage will be adapted to your friend'​s needs and condition. ​
-Ask your friend a few basic questions about their general health, starting with HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY ? Do you feel any pain ? Regarding possible illnesses, try not to be too intrusive. Inviting them to read the list of contra-indications ​can be a good alternative,​ as it will preserve more privacy. ​+  * [[Massage precautions & contra indications ​sign]]  
 +  * [[Detailed massage precautions and contra indications table]] ​
-Also, use your senses and common senseWhat do you see before you ? Are there bruises, cuts, signs of rash on their hands and arms ? Does the skin look fragile ? Do they look like they are with a fever ?  +See also
- +
-Observe the partial or total precautions and contra-indications,​ if any.  +
- +
-Some conditions will require that you adapt your pressure (no strong pressure for example in case of osteoporosis),​ avoid a specific zone (injury, open wounds) or avoid massage altogether, especially if untrained (infectious or acute inflammatory disease, cancer..), or the use of essential oils (allergy, for example)... +
- +
-Later as you start touching, keep feeling and adjust in real time to the “information” you pick up, so the massage will be adapted to your friend'​s needs and condition. ​+
 +  * [[A few words on ethical conduct in massage]]
 ===== Define intentions: What do you wish for with this massage ? ===== ===== Define intentions: What do you wish for with this massage ? =====
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