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-LOVE <3 +====== LOVE ======
- +
-==== Join the Revolution : Fall in Love ====+
 +  * [[http://​​anarchist_archives/​goldman/​ME/​mev1n1.html#​try|Try Love]] by Grace Potter, in Mother Earth, Vol1, N°1, March 1906
   * [[http://​​texts/​atoz/​joinresistance.php|Join the Revolution: Fall in love]] CrimethInc   * [[http://​​texts/​atoz/​joinresistance.php|Join the Revolution: Fall in love]] CrimethInc
-"Love transforms the world. Where the lover formerly felt boredom, he now feels passion. Where she once was complacent, she now is excited and compelled to self-asserting action. The world which once seemed empty and tiresome becomes filled with meaning, filled with risks and rewards, with majesty and danger. Life for the lover is a gift, an adventure with the highest possible stakes; every moment is memorable, heartbreaking in its fleeting beauty. When he falls in love, a man who once felt disoriented,​ alienated, and confused will know exactly what he wants. Suddenly his existence will make sense to him; suddenly it becomes valuable, even glorious and noble, to him. Burning passion is an antidote that will cure the worst cases of despair and resigned obedience."​ 
-==== Love and Dance ==== 
   * [[https://​​articles/​love-and-dance.html|Love and Dance]] Richard Stallman   * [[https://​​articles/​love-and-dance.html|Love and Dance]] Richard Stallman
- +  * [[https://​​Emma%20Goldman/​Jealousy_%20Causes%20and%20a%20Possible%20Cure%20%28424%29/​Jealousy_%20Causes%20and%20a%20Possible%20Cure%20-%20Emma%20Goldman.pdf|Jealousy:​ Causes and a possible cure]] Emma Goldman ​ 
-""​Metaphors We Live By" suggests that love can be compared to a collaborative work of artThis is more than a metaphor; it can be extended to a complete analysis of loveLove is a dancebut not just a physical danceIt is a dance in the space of kindness. +  * [[http://​​library/​adam-bregman-loose-cannons-love-relationships-jealousy-rejection-and-liberation|Loose Cannons: ​Love, Relationships,​ Jealousy, Rejection, Liberation]] Adam Bregman 1993 
- +  * [[https://​​zen/​mesterek/​Thich%20Nhat%20Hanh%20-%20True%20Love.pdf|The 4 aspects ​of True Love]] ​by Thich Nath Hanh  
-The moves or steps in the dance are acts of kindness. But they are not always acts of kindness one can practice individually. Just as moves in a couple dance are designed around the presence of the partner, and the fact of dancing together, so the kindnesses of love are shaped ​by the presence of a beloved and of loveKindness in love includes making it easy for the beloved to do the next kindnessIt includes doing kindness together in ways that individuals cannot do--the analogues ​of couple turns and lifts. Just the expectation that the dance will continue changes what we can do."+  * [[http://​​2015/​03/​31/​how-to-love-thich-nhat-hanh/​|How to love]] Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on Mastering ​the Art of “Interbeing”
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