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-  * **NOTICE (IN PROGRESS) - COVID19** : Please note that in times of pandemic such as Covid-19, according to sanitary measures and lockdown, you should only share massages with the persons with whom you are already living, provided both of you are in good health AND not identified as vulnerable. Massages (especially in the region of the head and face) should be totally avoided if either of you is more at risk of developing serious illness in the event of catching the virus (elderly, for example) / is feeling poorly at the time of massage / is sneezing or coughing ​whether or not they have a fever. Both of you should be wearing clean clothes for the massage, not clothes that have been outside. Always wash you hands and forearms thoroughly before and after the massage of course. ​+  * [[COVID ​19 - NOTICE]] ​
   ​   ​
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