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A few words on ethical conduct in massage

  • Always observe the precautions and contraindications, consult the Massage precautions & contra indications sign
  • Observe hygiene and safety rules: Wash your hands before and after each massage, use disposable paper covers or clean towels to protect the table, cushions, clothes… Work in a safe, clean, ventilated, space… Only use good quality, not rancid, products…
  • Be transparent and honest about your actual qualifications in care-giving, do not pretend to have skills or knowledge you don't have. There is plenty magic amateur warm hands and heart can accomplish, really, so no need to brag.
  • Do not give a massage to someone who is not quite sure they want one, or who is intoxicated - here, like in love, it has to be a YES, from the beginning to the end. And you both can stop whenever you want !
  • Respect physical reserve. No one has to take their clothes off for massage if they don't want to (very good massage can be done with clothes on). Similarly, if you, the giver, are not comfortable with full nudity, say it.
  • Because massage induces relaxation in the nervous system it can sometimes trigger erection or reactions similar to sexual arousal in both men and women. It's not so frequent that you should worry about it, and besides, it is normal and really nothing to be ashamed of. The masseur/se should bear in mind that however sexual in appearance, these reactions might not be experienced exactly as such by the receiver, and so they should never be considered an invitation to act sexually. Leave them alone.
  • Discuss “privacy settings” with your partner prior to massage - what would they be comfortable with ? Can you talk about this massage later with someone else ? Without mentioning their name, or not at all ? The privacy default setting in massage is “what goes on in the massage room stays in the massage room”, period. To the point where you don't actually mention around that you have given a massage to “so and so”. Remember, what may seem like a benign anecdote to you may not be for your friend, what is OK to tell or not OK to tell = Not your call !
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