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  • Try Love by Grace Potter, in Mother Earth, Vol1, N°1, March 1906

“Some few, some very few, there are, who try the key of love in all life's doors. Radiant, they turn to the men and women about and cry, “Try love! It unlocks all other doors as surely as it does the first in life. Try love!”

“Love transforms the world. Where the lover formerly felt boredom, he now feels passion. Where she once was complacent, she now is excited and compelled to self-asserting action. The world which once seemed empty and tiresome becomes filled with meaning, filled with risks and rewards, with majesty and danger. Life for the lover is a gift, an adventure with the highest possible stakes; every moment is memorable, heartbreaking in its fleeting beauty. When he falls in love, a man who once felt disoriented, alienated, and confused will know exactly what he wants. Suddenly his existence will make sense to him; suddenly it becomes valuable, even glorious and noble, to him. Burning passion is an antidote that will cure the worst cases of despair and resigned obedience.”

”“Metaphors We Live By” suggests that love can be compared to a collaborative work of art. This is more than a metaphor; it can be extended to a complete analysis of love. Love is a dance, but not just a physical dance. It is a dance in the space of kindness.“

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