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From Prolonging life and ridding illness without medicine by Yin Qianhe, 1961. Translated by Paul Brennan

第五節 腹部呼吸 Section Five: Abdominal Breathing

擇空氣新鮮不吵擾地方,心靜氣平,頭宜正,兩腿分開(寬與肩齊)微曲,兩手放在小腹前,貼於肚皮,眼睛向下看,以意識的看,將思想集中,很自然的意守丹田,想着,想着,不斷的想着意守丹田,此時閉着嘴,用鼻子吸,深深下吸,將氣送至腹部,使腹部鼓脹,不要故意用力,稍任自然,然後縮腹,壓迫濁氣出淨,腹部收縮內凹,再吸第二口其法如上,連續做十數次,腹部內臟經氣鼓蕩,隨之蠕動,可增强機能,幫助消化,使腹部停止的淤血,得下流轉淨化,血脈靈活,五臟獲得生生之氣,此言立勢而坐臥行之咸宜,久做此功,對心臟病、高血壓、肝肺病、糖尿病均有奇效,不過說來很簡單,但須有耐性與恒心去練習才行。但孕婦產婦不可練此式,孕婦做此有小產之虞,產婦練此有脫陰之患。 Pick a quiet place with lots of fresh air. Calm your mind and balance your energy. Your head should be erect, feet spread apart to shoulder width, legs slightly bent. Your hands are placed in front of your lower abdomen, close to your belly. Your eyes are looking downward as your watch with your consciousness. Gather your thoughts, very naturally keeping your intention at your elixir field. With each thought, unceasingly hold your intention there. Now, with your mouth closed, inhale through your nose, inhaling deeply, sending energy to your abdomen, making your belly bulge. You should not use any intentional effort, just allow it to be natural. Then withdraw your belly to press out all the stale air. As your belly withdraws, it hollows inward. Then inhale again as above for a total of ten breaths. Your internal organs will become energized and active. This exercise can enhance their function and will aid digestion, and stagnant blood in the abdomen will be made to flow smoothly once again. Your blood vessels will be livened and the five major organs will be rejuvenated. The exercise has been described for a standing posture, but can also be done while sitting, lying down, or walking. If you practice this over a long period, it will have an extraordinary effect upon heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, lung disease, and diabetes. But this is too easily said. You must practice with patience and perseverance to get such effects.

Pregnant women and women recovering from labor must not practice this. Pregnant women will risk having a miscarriage and women recovering from labor will risk harming their genitals.

   第六節 吐納術

Section Six: The Art of “Expel Old Air and Take in Fresh”

所謂吐納即以鼻吸納氣,而以口吐出氣,此法有專鼓腹者,謂之腹部吐納法,亦有腹胸同鼓者,謂之胸腹吐納法,盡量以鼻吸氣,同時鼓腹或鼓胸,然後用口慢慢吐盡,腹胸亦隨之收縮,再新吸第二口氣。然吐時不要張開大口一下吐出,口唇縮緊稍開,徐吐腹中之氣,務要凈盡,腹內略感服適,呼者腹內之濁氣,從中而出,吸者天地之正氣,從外而入,在呼吸之間,採天地之靈秀,取日月之精華,但呼吸時,仍以深長為妙,各種呼吸,為有病之天然治療法,効力勝於藥物。日子久了,彷彿丹田中結凝一顆明珠,熠熠發光,光芒向體外四射,而且這明珠會週身走動,無處不到,無處不生光,總覺有股熱力在游行,到此程度,就有點神奇,恭禧你,達到却病延年目的了。 To “expel old air and take in fresh” means to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. There is the method of swelling the belly – “belly breathing” – and also the method of swelling both the belly and chest – “belly and chest breathing”. Once you have fully inhaled through your nose, swelling your belly or chest, then exhale fully through your mouth, your belly and chest correspondingly withdrawing, and then commence your second breath with a new inhale.

When you exhale, you should not open your mouth wide, instead keeping your lips close together, only slightly apart. Exhale the air from within your abdomen slowly. You should exhale as completely as the inside of your abdomen feels to be appropriate. When you exhale, send out the impure air from within your body. When you inhale, take in the pure air from the outside world. While breathing, gather the beauty of sky and ground, obtain the splendor of sun and moon, but also maintain the subtlety of breathing deep and long. Each of these methods of breathing is a natural remedy for illness more effective than medicine.

After many days of this, it will seem as though there is a gleaming pearl congealing into form within your elixir field, radiating a brilliant shine outward from your body in all directions, and this jewelness will move throughout your whole body, arriving everywhere, and everywhere producing this glow. You will always feel heat in your thighs as you walk. Once you reach this level, you have achieved something of the miraculous. Congratulations to you! You have attained the goal of preventing illness and prolonging life

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