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Conversation Masking System

A Privacy Enhancer Sound Generator


In some circumstances, like in doctors or psychotherapist waiting rooms, some very private details of someone can be heard through a door or a even a wall. A Conversation Masking System is a device that aims to block the perception or intelligibility of such conversation by using sound masking strategy.

Sound Masking Approach

The main strategy to suppress intelligibility of voice is to add white, pink or brown noise, which sounds like a fan,a spray or rain, or stream of water. Eventually you would not appreciate some heavy white noise background say in a highly protective environment like your massagist waiting room. Due to the sensitivity of the context we will add and mix the noise generator on demand with some natural field recordings sounds, or mindfulness ambient or drone music.Some random blips could also occur in the voice bandwidth . The goal here is to combine sound healing and sound masking, conviviality and eavesdropping protection at the same time!

Technical Description

Sound generation is based on a pd patch, mixing different sources with noise generators. Various soundbanks would be associated with the software to suit a variety of context. The PD patch is free software and the soundbanks can be modified by the users to suite even more context.

Self-Contained CMS

Plan is to design a self-contained device using a Rapsberry PI, a T-amp and a wide range Hifi speaker






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