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Hacking With Care intentions

  • To help each other stay balanced, spirited, hopeful, loving, and strong, so we can live up to our dreams, walk the talk, inspire others, and do not break or burn out making the world more breathable for life.
  • To be there in a variety of warm practical ways for those who keep a watch and protect human rights 24/7, especially from the front lines of the Internet and communication technologies.
  • Beyond the notion of resistance to oppression, to thrive towards a celebration and nurturing of our life potentials and autonomies - to respond, ignore, bypass, defeat, transform attacks and insults on life with more life.
  • To create bridges between knowledge of the machines, knowledge of the body, knowledge of the mind, towards embodied knowledge and mindfull practices. Hacking is not only outside of us. To observe, listen, meditate, massage are some ways to explore and learn about the systems that sustain our lives.
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge, common sense, and outside-the-box creativity among caregivers and in the healthcare sector.
  • To inspire hackers ethics to be applied and spread to the field of health and care, to help the sector free itself from serving corporate interests and shady political agendas by default.
  • To reflect with health and care practitioners on a number of topics of interests in their fields, such as technological independance, on-line privacy and operational security.
  • To be aware of the (political, strategic) importance of well-being in the making of a good fair world, on the importance of care as a field that needs our (re-)appropriation.
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