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Welcome to the Hacking With Care wiki !

Find out what animates us below in the About us section, and read our Thoughts and Essays

Discover what we have been working on and enjoy the free resources we have created for self-care & caregiving in the Projects section in the sidebar

Browse through a thematic collection of articles, health info-sheets, first aid guidelines, zines and manuals in the Care section.

Concerned about digital security, privacy rights ? Get more info and find some tools to protect yourself, your communications and data in the Ethical Tactical Tech Section.

If you are new to the world of Hacking and Activism, welcome! Check the Hackers ethics and History section !

This is a wiki, a collaborative site in which every registered user can edit any page and create new pages

About us

We are a collective composed of hackers-activists, caregivers, artists, sociologist, which grows (quite literally!) by contact and affinity.

Together we design, circulate, put in common resources and tools for care in accordance with hackers ethics and peer-to-peer philosophy. We create occasions for body & soul rejuvenation and collective (re)appropriation of care. We work with an understanding of the needs and requirements of specific contexts, as can be found in hacking and activism. We also share with caregivers hacker-activists tools and best practices, in relation to privacy, data protection, technological independence, operational security, accessibility and circulation of knowledge. We cherish creativity in care, an interdisciplinary approach, and JOY !

Our actions evolve around two principal axis that could be: Care for hackers-activists and Hackers ethics and tools for caregivers (but they are not limited to them).

They include care corners at hackers-activists events, pop-up massage sessions at the quarters of activists organizations, massage and well-being workshops and tutorials, conversations, crypto-parties, creation of original resources, online compilation of resources and tools, research, news watch

Why ?

We are aware big-hearted hackers and activists are exposed to life-threatening levels of stress and emotional challenges. Some burnout, some are imprisoned or experience limitations or abuse of their rights, in retaliation for their deeds. Some die. Meanwhile, the health-care sectors (where the most vulnerable people become yet more exposed) serve corporate and shady political agendas by default. We, as individuals, as communities, are being “holistically” attacked by the systems in governance. Restrictions on life and freedoms keep intensifying everywhere, motivated by unchecked power and greed. They affect all, in all areas of life, including access to healthcare.

These converging realizations and the joys we have in doing what we do all, inspired us to put together this initiative. We want to help be aware of vulnerabilities in our movements, and to organize so that each and everyone's capacities to care and be cared for will not be compromised. We want to install or nurture a culture of care and self-care in the communities we create. And we want to reach out to caregivers, to share'n'care with them !

We have a broad understanding of the concept of care and we practice these arts as powerful means to encourage, mirror and sustain altruism, and to embody a web of trust. With Hacking with Care, we wish to contribute to the resiliency and prosperity of an extended network of caregivers today, hackers-activists, lawyers, journalists, artists, whistle-blowers, many others with or without a “profession” or a name, distant and near, free and imprisoned.

More HWC Intentions

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What we do

“Soudain, la vie cesse d'être découpée en tronçons connectés. Dormir, se battre, manger, se soigner, faire la fête, conspirer, débattre, relèvent d'un seul mouvement vital. Tout n'est pas organisé, tout s'organise. La différence est notable. L'un s'appelle la gestion, l'autre l'attention - dispositions en tout point incompatibles” - Comité Invisible, A Nos Amis

Care for hackers-activists

Our “care ops” destined at hackers-activists come in different formats according to set and settings. They involve personalized care sessions (notably massage), well-being workshops, thematic conversations (on stress, anxiety, posture, courage..), the sharing of documentation…

Care corners

We set up care corners at hackers and activists events, where we make massages, give tutorials, workshops, talk and share documentation… Visitors are welcomed to use the dispositive for their own care sessions, workshops or discussions on related topics. On these occasions we generally team up with other organizations,historically with La Quadrature du Net and their Tea-house. We were at OHM in 2013, 30C3, 31C3 and 32C3 with LQDN, at the Logan Symposium for hackers and journalists with the Center of Investigative Journalism, and at CCCamp15, with the alliance LQDN + CIJ + Courage Foundation + Tactical Tech.

Group care sessions

We set-up a care corner for a couple of hours at the quarters of an organization and give medium/short personalized care sessions and/or workshops.

Individual Care Sessions

We seek to make individual care sessions accessible to hackers-activists, notably by thinking/designing care in/for sensitive contexts.

Hackers ethics for caregivers

Meetings and trades of skills between caregivers, hackers, activists, have been experimented with - such as “crypto-care” sessions, thematic discussions, workshops…

Crypto-care parties

Gatherings where hackers and caregivers mind each others needs for more freedom and autonomy, ones with respect to their bodies and spirits, others with respect to the use of their devices/technology.

Hack-care workshops

Our workshops at caregiving schools are infused with Hackers Ethics and P2P philosophy, and some specifically explore the potentials of such ethics and philosophy as applied to the learning, practice, and accessibility/circulation of well-being arts in general.

Hack-care ops

Presentations/ tactical-ethical technological workshops destined to caregivers where they are (schools, institutions…). To inform, assist caregivers in dealing with issues of human rights on-line, privacy/data protection, technological independence, operational security…

Creation and circulation of resources

We create original resources for care, such as massage manuals and video tutorials - visit the Projects page.

We compile and circulate existing open resources for self-care and caregiving - visit the Care resources page. Feel free to add resources to this compilation, as long as they are non commercial, open access, in solidarity / social justice spirit

We also keep a blog

Where & When


  • Paris
  • Montréal
  • Porto
  • Berlin


  • Attention Som(t)a©tics @ Tactical magics 2012, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Attention Som(t)a©tics & Observe Hack Massage workshops + massage corner with La Quadrature du Net @OHM August 2013
  • HWC + LQDN tea house and massage corner and more @ 30C3 December 2013
  • Hands massage workshop @ POOP by Le LOOP June 2014
  • HWC massage corner @Logan Symposium, December 2014
  • Between zeros and ones @ sight and sounds 2014, Montréal
  • Between zeros and ones @ Ministry of Hacking, 2014, Gratz, Austria
  • Hacking With Care@CCC15 with LQDN, Courage, CIJ, Tactical Tech - La Quadrature du camp !
  • Care corner at the CIJ-Logan symposium for hackers and journalists, Berlin March 2016
  • Hacking with Care workshops at TransHackFeminist!2016 Montreal, August 2016
  • Hacking with Care Sessions c-base, Berlin, September 2016
  • Hacking with Care will be present at 33C3 "Works for me" with La Quadrature du Net. Meet us on the Tea-House !
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