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Hacking with Care Sessions 1st edition @ c-base

On the weekend of 03/04th September we held our first Hacking with Care sessions at c-base in Berlin. Two days of sharing and caring, with a tea house, massage workshops, workouts, caregivers' Ask-Me-Anything sessions, talks, and working groups: one on Burnout, the other on Digital and Operational Security for caregivers !! On this page you can find images, memos, documents for some of the activities that took place. Follow the links to explore other projects ramifications, and expect more ! A BIG WARM THANK YOU to all who came, contributed or cheered in the distance, and to c-base for welcoming these wonderful sessions <3

Alien practising the Zhan Zhuang posture, aka Standing like a Tree, or Standing like a Post.


A Tea house !

(above) Some prints from the Collection of Care resources on this wiki

Massage corners

Browse and enjoy our home-made resources for massage on Hacking With Care Projects page

Hack Anxiety Workshop


Workshop description:

“Emily shares basic knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System so as to better understand what goes on in stress, anxiety and panic. She then guides you though breathing exercises that can help operate a switch from the Flee or Fight response to the Rest and Digest response. Number of participants limited to 10 or less. WARNING: Breathing exercises can trigger emotional release (and we will be here for you and do our best to help you through it, just be aware that this can sometimes happen to you, or others)”

Kit para el autocuidado: Trabajando frente a un ordenador

Auch !! Mis hombros, mi cuello, mi cabeza y mi espalda !!

A self-care and massage workshop facilitated by Mostro. Memo of the workshop with illustrations (Spanish) : workshopkitparaelautocuidado_hwcsessions1.pdf

Workshop description:

“Taller de masaje teórico-práctico que te servirá para cuidar y prevenir dificultades relacionadas con el trabajo frente a un ordenador por largos periodos de tiempo. El taller tendrá 3 fases, la primera es la presentación de las principales problemáticas que se tiene en relación con este tipo de trabajo de “escritorio”. Después habrá una parte practica, donde se compartirá un tipo de masaje y movimientos que te ayudaran a relajar tus hombros, cuello, cabeza y espalda. Por último se darán recomendaciones preventivas que puedes usar mientras laboras o estas en tus ratos libres, y así poder disminuir afectos que tiene tu trabajo sobre ti.”

Working Group: Digital & Operational Security for Caregivers

“Caregivers and Hackers-activists got together to brainstorm on security, identify the needs and specificities, towards creating resources (possibly a guide) for caregivers in action.”

Long term, in progress project.

See: Digital & Operational Security for Caregivers


Poster for/from the Boneshaker workout-workshop: boneshaker_sh_hwc.pdf !! CC-BY-NC-SA

Workshop description :

“Preventing physical stress from programming and sitting all day, is a lesson hosted by physiotherapist Sarah Hiltner”

I am a Psychotherapist, AMA

Description :

Psychotherapist Manon answers your questions, live at the Tea house. Questions will be written on pieces of paper and dropped in a hat from which Manon will pick, so as to protect anonymity, help put people at ease around possibly sensitive subjects. PLEASE NOTE: The AMAs (psychotherapy, physiotherapy) are not to be mistaken for individual therapy sessions/consultations. The AMAs primary aims is to break ice on important subjects such as physical and psychological well-being, give some orientation to facilitate one’s pathway/access to care, help identify individual and collective needs in terms of care, meet with caregivers and understand better what they do, further everyone’s knowledge, ignite curiosity…

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