HWC Sessions, 03/04 Sept. Berlin: Schedule updates !!

Updated Friday 02/09 :



Dear Friends,

We are now one week to our first Hacking with Care sessions at c-base, Berlin !! Two days of massages, workshops, teas, talks, digital security care, working groups to hack burnout, live Ask Me Anything with caregivers.. and more !  Here below is the updated schedule and descriptions of the latest additions and changes on the original schedule + the other activities as described before.

Remember, the HWC sessions are open to all People who Care and who are eager to joyfully, carefully put in common, look after each other, and learn some more -not only tech savvy friends or experimented caregivers : Share the invitation, Bring your friends ! ! If you specifically wish to ask about/ improve your digital security, bring your devices !

We envision these sessions as yet one more means to thrive and to grow in our capacities for care as individuals and collectives, drawing on a variety of (s)elected tools and skills, creating alliances.. Let’s make it happen !

Do you want to let us know you will attend (this can help us with logistics/being prepared) ? Do you have any questions ? Do you wish to lend  a helping hand (or two) or contribute something ? You can contact us at event@hackingwithcare.in.

See you soon !!


The Hacking with Care team



LATEST ADDITIONS to schedule :

“I am a psychotherapist, Ask Me Anything !” (Saturday 12h). Psychotherapist Manon answers your questions, live at the Tea house.  Like for other AMA, questions will be written on pieces of paper and dropped in a hat from which Manon will pick, so as to protect anonymity, help put people at ease around possibly sensitive subjects. PLEASE NOTE: The AMAs (psychotherapy, physiotherapy) are not to be mistaken for individual therapy sessions/consultations, which they are not. The AMAs primary aims is to break ice on important subjects such as physical and mental health, help people get some orientation in the field so as to facilitate one’s pathway/access to care, help identify individual and collective needs in terms of care, meet with caregivers and understand better what they do, further everyone’s knowledge, ignite curiosity… 🙂 

Mate Making workshops with Meta Mate (Sunday between 11h and 15h) – Sharing a mate is more than sipping a tea and Meta Mate wishes to invite us to tune in, connect, and infuse the weekend with theobromine, antioxidents and caffeine from the wild forests produced in an autonomous way. Discover the customs / rituals when drinking mate the traditional way, and the preparation of and drinking of a few different types of mates.

Healthy Hacking & caffeine, a conversation with Fabricio/Meta Mate (Sunday 14h-15h) Fabricio from Meta Mate proposes to discuss meditation, rituals, sugar and caffeine intake to help healthy hacking !

MODIFICATIONS/UPDATES of previous schedule :

We Make Massage ! (Saturday 11h, Sunday 15h) Massage workshops with Emily, previously announced as the Handshake on the Saturday or the Monkey Mind Massage on the Sunday, are now We Make Massage : Workshops dedicated to the basics of well-being massage, where Emily will share tips as well as essential guidance for most of your massages, answer questions, give demos..  The idea is to facilitate care-giving between ourselves throughout the weekend and after, and make participants happy and confident enough to use the massage gear that will be at everyone’s disposal on the event. Depending on the wishes of the participants in the moment, focus can be made on specific body regions, like the hands (as in the Handshake) or the head (as in The Monkey Mind).. Copies of the Handshake hands massage manual will be available on the event, and there will be opportunities to ask for guidance with gestures in this particular protocol. Please all participants interested in giving or receiving care Read and Observe our Precautions and contra-indications list as well as our Ethical Guidelines in massage and care <3

The workshop with Mostro previously announced as Deskstop Self-care Kit (Sunday 4th at 12h), will be given in SPANISH, possibly with simultaneous English translation depending on who’s there (if you speak both languages, your help might be greatly appreciated !!). Here is the description:

Kit para el autocuidado (o el de tu amigx) – Trabajando frente a un ordenador, Auch!! Mis hombros,mi cuello, mi cabeza y mi espalda! con Mostro. Este es un taller de masaje teórico-práctico que te servirá para cuidar y prevenir dificultades relacionadas con el trabajo frente a un ordenador por largos periodos de tiempo. El taller tendrá 3 fases, la primera es la presentación de las principales problemáticas que se tiene en relación con este tipo de trabajo de “escritorio”. Después habrá una parte practica, donde se compartirá un tipo de masaje y movimientos que te ayudaran a relajar tus hombros, cuello, cabeza y espalda. Por último se darán recomendaciones preventivas que puedes usar mientras laboras o estas en tus ratos libres, y así poder disminuir afectos que tiene tu trabajo sobre ti.

Por favor considera las precauciones y contraindicaciones, así como la ética de conducta durante un masaje, que se muestra en la siguientes paginas de Hacking With Care.

The time for the working group on Digital and Operational Security for caregivers was moved to Sunday at 16h (instead of 15h)



Tea Must Flow ! Saturday and Sunday at the opening. Jérémie Zimmermann introduces us to the Tea House, the different varieties of tea, how to prepare them, how to maintain a nice  flow of tea throughout the day, and most importantly, to the magic of convivialiTEA.

About Hacking with Care. Saturday 14h-15h. Co-founders and Hacking with Care facilitators Jérémie Zimmermann and Emily present Hacking with Care, genesis, line of thought and actions, future. The following conversations will focus on identifying our needs, our capacities, as individuals and groups, what we wish for with this project/collective, and how we could do it.

Boneshaker ! Saturday 12h30 and Sunday 17h. Preventing physical stress from programming and sitting all day, is a lesson hosted by physiotherapist Sarah Hiltner.

“I am a physiotherapist, Ask Me Anything” (Live). Saturday 15h-16h. With Sarah Hiltner.

Hack Anxiety. Sunday 11h30-13h. Emily shares basic knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System so as to better understand what goes on in stress, anxiety and panic. She then guides you though breathing exercises that can help operate a switch from the Flee or Fight response to the Rest and Digest response. Number of participants limited to 10 or less. WARNING: Breathing exercises can trigger emotional release (and we will be here for you and do our best to help you through it, just be aware that this can sometimes happen to you, or others)

Never make any promise. Sunday 14h-15h. Loic Dachary shares his insights on Overcommitment and Stress. “When hacking on a volunteer basis, overcommitment is a great source of stress. It feels so good when the promise is made, either by assigning a bug to yourself or by carelessly writing on IRC: “Sure, I’ll do it”. Most of the time it turns into a burden (except for the rare aliens who are born without the procrastination gene). But there is no need for this self-inflicted punishment: it is enough to do things and talk about what was done in the past instead of promising to do things in the feature. A seemingly simple replacement that changes everything.”

Working Group on Burnout. Sunday 15h-17h. Join Jérémie Zimmermann to hack burnout.

Working Group on Digital and Operational Security for caregivers and friends. Sunday 16h-18h. Caregivers and Hackers-activists get together to brainstorm on security, identify the needs and specificities, towards creating resources (possibly a guide) for caregivers in action.

Digital Security and Care Bar. Sunday afternoon. Offer, share, swap your care-full skills with peers, whether these be hands massage, or help with setting up OTR.. If you wish to get help on your computer, don’t forget to bring it 😉


Care corners will be set up with professional massage tables, massage chair and yoga massage futon for working on the floor.  Caregivers will propose individual massage/ bodywork sessions (by booking on site, old school pen and paper).  The care corners will also be open, available  for everyone to use during the two days, provided you respect the Ethical Guidelines we have drafted. The individual sessions will be free or on donations or with trades of care/skills (See Digital Security and Care bar).