HWC Datengarten CCC Session, Berlin 10/01

Jérémie Zimmermann presents Hacking with Care, discusses tactical ethical care for all @Datengarten CCC Session in Berlin, January 10th. Get cozy and catch up with the video !

“We see everyday members of our communities -especially ones under high pressure- go burn-out, depressed, or worse. Caring about ourselves and others is a cultural and strategic blind spot for those, like us, who were born “in” a computer… At the other end of the spectrum, caregivers lack the understanding of technological realities that would be necessary to meaningfully reach and get in contact with us (OpSec and crypto among others). Hacking with Care aims at bridging this gap, by hacking care and well-being as a primary strategic objective of our movements, as well as a joyful tactics that can be shared around. Likewise, HwC aims at sharing hacker ethics and tools with caregivers, to enable them to better fulfill their missions.
Hacking with Care is a loose collective, growing literally by contact and affinity, comprised of hackers, activists, massage, Chinese medicine practitioners, psycho- and motion-therapists, etc. Join us for a hands-on discussion about hacking collectively some of our most precious -yet sometimes unexplored-, complex and beautiful resources of all: our bodies and our minds!”