Surviving the virus: An anarchist guide (Crimethinc)


by Crimethinc

“The pandemic is not going to pass in the next few weeks. Even if strict confinement measures succeed in cutting the number of infections down to what it was a month ago, the virus could resume spreading exponentially again as soon as the measures are suspended. The current situation is likely to continue for months—sudden curfews, inconsistent quarantines, increasingly desperate conditions—though it will almost certainly shift form at some point when the tensions within it boil over. To prepare for that moment, let’s protect ourselves and each other from the threat posed by the virus, think through the questions about risk and safety that the pandemic poses, and confront the disastrous consequences of a social order that was never designed to preserve our well-being in the first place.”

Surviving the virus: An anarchist guide

Sopravvivere al virus: una guida anarchica

Survivre au virus: Une méthode anarchiste

Sobreviviendo al virus : Una guia anarquista