Hacking with Care sessions, 3/4 Sept. Berlin : A schedule !


Dear Friends,

We are happy to share with you a schedule of activities for the two-days Hacking with Care Sessions that will take place on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September at c-base, in Berlin.

Note this schedule is open to organic changes, so a as to best accommodate the people and possibilities in real time. We will keep you posted on these via twitter @hackingwithcare. At the bottom of this post you will find detailed description of the activities.



We like a schedule that is not too packed, to balance more active moments, leave room for spontaneity and chill out, and simply enjoy being together. That said, there could still be room for a thing or two, so if you wish to contribute, you can still do send your proposal at event@hackingwithcare.in. Likewise if you wish to simply help around, setting things up and down, seeing that everything goes smoothly, that will be appreciated!

As you will see, some workshop (Hack Anxiety) can only accommodate a limited number of participants. We would appreciate if you would write us to say if you wish to attend. Generally, and although it is not necessary to do so, it can be nice of you to let us know whether you will be coming or not and to what, because that could help us with organization and logistics.

Looking forward to seeing you there <3

The Hacking with Care team !

contact: event@hackingwithcare.in


Tea Must Flow ! Saturday and Sunday at the opening. Jérémie Zimmermann introduces us to the Tea House, the different varieties of tea, how to prepare them, how to maintain a nice  flow of tea throughout the day, and most importantly, to the magic of convivialiTEA.

Handshake ! Saturday 3, 11h-12h30. Emily shares some tips and guides you through a simple hands massage protocol, that will help you take care of each other’s hands… and fortify friendships !

About Hacking with Care. Saturday 14h-15h. Co-founders and Hacking with Care facilitators Jérémie Zimmermann and Emily present Hacking with Care, genesis, line of thought and actions, future. The following conversations will focus on identifying our needs, our capacities, as individuals and groups, what we wish for with this project/collective, and how we could do it.

Boneshaker ! Saturday 12h30 and Sunday 17h. Preventing physical stress from programming and sitting all day, is a lesson hosted by physiotherapist Sarah Hiltner.

“I am a physiotherapist, Ask Me Anything” (Live). Saturday 15h-16h. With Sarah Hiltner.

Hack Anxiety. Sunday 11h30-13h. Emily shares basic knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System so as to better understand what goes on in stress, anxiety and panic. She then guides you though breathing exercises that can help operate a switch from the Flee or Fight response to the Rest and Digest response. Number of participants limited to 10 or less. WARNING: Breathing exercises can trigger emotional release (and we will be here for you and do our best to help you through it, just be aware that this can sometimes happen to you, or others)

Desktop Self-Care Kit and Massage. Sunday 12h-13h. Mostro shares her theoretical and practical knowledge of the side effects of working at a computer all day, from prolonged stillness to the way we consume food and drinks, and shows a massage routine to relax, prevent and reduce the strains.

Never make any promise. Sunday 14h-15h. Loic Dachary shares his insights on Overcommitment and Stress. “When hacking on a volunteer basis, overcommitment is a great source of stress. It feels so good when the promise is made, either by assigning a bug to yourself or by carelessly writing on IRC: “Sure, I’ll do it”. Most of the time it turns into a burden (except for the rare aliens who are born without the procrastination gene). But there is no need for this self-inflicted punishment: it is enough to do things and talk about what was done in the past instead of promising to do things in the feature. A seemingly simple replacement that changes everything.”

Working Group on Burnout. Sunday 15h-17h. Join Jérémie Zimmermann to hack burnout.

Working Group on Digital and Operational Security for caregivers and friends. Sunday 15h-17h. Caregivers and Hackers-activists get together to brainstorm on security, identify the needs and specificities, towards creating resources (possibly a guide) for caregivers in action.

Monkey Mind.  Sunday 18h -19h30. Emily shares massage tips and guides you through a simple head and face massage to help calm restless / hyperactive minds, and maybe fall asleep.

Crypto and Care Bar. Sunday 17h-19h. Offer, share, swap your care-full skills with peers, whether these be hands massage, or help with setting up OTR.. If you wish to get help on your computer, don’t forget to bring it 😉


Care corners will be set up with professional massage tables, massage chair and yoga massage futon for working on the floor.  Caregivers will propose individual massage/ bodywork sessions (by booking on site, old school pen and paper).  The care corners will also be open, available  for everyone to use during the two days, provided you respect the Ethical Guidelines we have drafted. The individual sessions will be free or on donations or with trades of care/skills (See Crypto and Care bar).

Holistic Security: Well-being indicators as Security Indicators


Below is an excerpt of the chapter on Security Indicators in the Holistic Security Strategy Manual for Human Rights Defenders, by Tactical Tech (a recommended resource/read). It describes indicators of health and well-being as security indicators. A security indicator being defined as  “anything out of the ordinary that we notice which may have an impact on our security”.

Indicators in our health and well-being :

“It can be easy to overlook our health and well-being, but changes in our health can indicate a reaction to an external problem such as increased stress, which in turn impacts our security situation. As activists we sometimes continue to push ourselves, but in doing so we risk causing lasting damage to our health over time, or hindering our ability to analyse our security situation. We may not be used to monitoring our own health and changes can occur gradually, so adopting a methodological approach to our physical, emotional and psychological selves is a good start. One way of doing this is by making a stress table, like in the exercise below.”

These considerations are followed by an exercise in the form of a stress table, to “help you to identify your limits concerning different kinds of stress, how to recognise these limits and measures to counter stress.”


Hacking with Care @THF!2016, Montréal 18-22/08


Don’t forget this week in Montreal is the TransHackFeminist meet-up !

Decolonizing Technologies, Autonomous Infrastructures, Queer and Feminist Pedagogies and Hacking with Care !

Check out the program !

Among the other empowering careful activities organically proposed at THF!2016, it will be the occasion to take part to one of the cherished Hacking with Care body-mind-machine awareness workshop with Goldjian Attent!ion Som(t)a(c)tic, and for the first time to the get into the excitement and ex-plo-rations of the Cryptodance !!!!


SAVE THE DATE! Hacking with Care Sessions – 3-4 Sept.2016 – c-base, Berlin

SAVE THE DATE! Hacking with Care Sessions – 3-4 Sept.2016 – c-base, Berlin

We are happy to announce our first “Hacking with Care Sessions”, on the week-end of the 3rd and the 4th of September at the c-base, rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin

Join us for two wholehearted days of meeting, sharing and caring for hackers-activists, caregivers and friends !

The schedule – to be announced – will be split between workshops, presentations/discussions on related topics, individual care sessions, and will leave time and space to chill-out in a cozy version of our world-famous Tea House.

We hope you are as excited by this event as we are, and are hoping for participation and contributions of various kinds. If you feel like actively contributing something, check the more detailed Call for contributions below 🙂

Please write to event@hackingwithcare.in if you intend to attend and/or contribute!

For next updates on this event and our activities, you can check the twitter feed @hackingwithcare, and you can also subscribe to the Hacking with Care mailing list. 

We are sure these two days will be a wonderful occasion to take care of each other, learn and share useful  knowledge and skills, and are confident that with everyone’s contribution it will happen in a cozy and joyful manner!

Lots of love and a good summer <3

HWC September sessions Call for contributions:

  • You can contribute to this event with a workshop and/or by offering individual or small group sessions, of  Care for hackers/activists and/or Hackers ethics and tools for caregivers.

Indeed we are looking to offer care to hackers-activists (massages, yoga, tea etc.) as well as specific care/techniques to caregivers (for example introduction to or help with digital security, OpSec, Libre software, etc..), knowing of course that these categories are not set in stone and there can be much fluidity between all.

Also, remember you don’t have to be a “pro” to offer your lovely care and kindness, and that you can share/put into practice something you will have learned in a workshop the day or morning before.

  • You can also contribute with a short presentation/discussion on a related topic of interest, at the intersection of care and hacking-activism.
  • You can offer a live “Ask Me Anything” session at some table, like, “I am a physiotherapist, ask me anything” or “I am a digital security expert, ask me anything” etc.
  • You can offer to host a tea table and look after the flow of tea, during the event, welcome and guide guests..
  • You can help with the general organization and smooth running of the event.
  • You can also contribute with educational and care resources, zines, stickers, etc.
  • You can lend equipment (massage table, cushions…)
  • You can contribute on the Food, Snacks and Drinks front (teas !!)…

Please write to event@hackingwithcare.in 

Looking forward to sharing and caring with you <3

Digital Colonialism and the hacking coyotes #rp10

“We need to have this conversation”: Renata Avila, Joana Varon, Nanjira Sambula and Alan Mills , discuss Digital Colonialism at Re:publicaTEN, weaving in poetic/historic reflections on the Coyote, hacker-trickster resisting assimilation and annihilation.  In many ways, the subject (sadly as old as the new “free” world) is very relevant to care – access to care, what care, productions of knowledge in care..-  in so far as bodies-minds, are (being made into) territories.

The history of colonization is a history of nature being seized, of exploitation and enslavement of her people, a history of social and medical experimentation on the conquered (typically considered “less human/evolved” than the conqueror : people of color, non christian, women, criminals..), a history of burning witches and shamans, of annihilation and replacement of systems of knowledge and practices… And, of absence of laws, as well as of laws drafted along to make it all look good and straight. Let’s picture this, as it goes on, in times of high connectivity,  hi tech heartless trade, authoritarian regimes equipped with mass surveillance, where markets and governments are so hungry for everyone’s data, and so eager to sell (in Renata Avila’s words) the “utopia that an app can solve serious inequalities” and the very “basic things that need fixing”.  Like for example, connected medical devices will make up for the destruction of community and lack of concern for villages (where there is no doctor) and poor remote people, or competing proprietary devices will empower the sick and disabled when they in fact increase embedded dependencies and vulnerabilities, or like massive medical data collection/analysis will improve the administration of medicine so there will be money saved for social security (and it’s insurance companies making millions and governments spending savings on national security). AS IF.  In a time “when companies mostly from the US have more users than some countries”, as Joana Varon notes, and “the colonized are not only the developing countries anymore”. What we have is an extension of the domain of colonization, ever more apt to penetrate and submit the bodies and minds, everywhere, anytime, all the time.

At one point, Renata Avila notes that paradoxically, some of the best coyotes she knows are disconnected. Can’t help but think very fondly and also, with worry, of the great hackers-coyotes healers out there in the wild. The witches, the shamans, the DIY-DIT doulas, the unlicensed acupuncturists, the herbalist whose shop they close because, you know, not in line with regulations…  How to protect and keep this diverse knowledge and patient care alive still through the years in spite of all the active aggression, passive/aggressive standardization, rampant consent ? What of them if/when they are captured ? In what web ?


Twitter account for the talk : @hackingcoyotes + Digital Colonialism pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/colonialcyber

And now, for our spirits, a much loved coyote poem, by Peter Blue Cloud

Coyote, Coyote, Please Tell Me

–  What is a shaman?

A shaman I don’t know

anything about.

I’m a doctor, myself.

When I use medicine,

it’s between me,

my patient,

and the Creation.


Coyote, Coyote, please tell me – what is power?

It is said that power

is the ability to start

your chainsaw

with one pull.


Coyote, Coyote, please tell me – what is magic?

Magic is the first taste

of ripe strawberries, and

magic is a child dancing

in a summer’s rain.


Coyote, Coyote, please tell me – why is Creation?

Creation is because I

went to sleep last night

with a full stomach,

and when I woke up

this morning,

everything was here.


Coyote, Coyote, please tell me who you belong to?

According to the latest

survey, there are certain

persons who, in poetic

or scholarly guise,

have claimed me like

a conqueror’s prize.

Let me just say

once and for all,

just to be done:

Coyote, he belongs to none.



HWC @ Re:publica10

This spring at Re:publicaTEN, Emily King and Jérémie Zimmermann,  two co founders of Hacking with Care, presented the visions of the collective, and the actions of the last 3 years and to come… Catch up with the talk, and discover one of their favorite care tip.. a rather tasty bonus song <3

And join !

contact@hackingwithcare.in ID: 8E5DA96A D47A 6871 ED10 2138 86B3 15C7 E4D6 B1AD 8E5D A96A

Discussion mailing list https://lists.laquadrature.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/hackingwithcare

Twitter: @hackingwithcare

Espace Santé Trans (Paris IDF)

Actuellement en phase pilote, l’association Espace Santé Trans propose des consultations psychothérapeutiques à prix libre avec des psychopraticien-n-es formé-e-s bénévoles, sur Paris.  Pour Trans et personnes en questionnement qui cherche un accueil bienveillant et trans friendly et qui pour toutes sortes de raisons inclus matérielles ne peuvent pas consulter en “libéral”.

>> https://espacesantetrans.fr/

Tips to sit like winners at the Tea House


Written for yoga practitioners, the article below actually gives a good tip for all for sitting down with your legs crossed without slumping your back and collapsing your chest (and a little bio-mechanics as a bonus). Indeed, although slumping might feel more comfortable (and easier at first), at the end of the day it is more tiring for your muscles, as well as your mind, for it associates more with a “defeated state”.  Not like us at all 🙂

>> Sitting up straight and expanding the chest forward in Sukhasana , by Daily Bandha

Another tip for adopting a fluid posture while sitting down legs crossed is to place a cushion under your bottom and only sit at its edge, so your bottom will be higher than your knees and it will be easier to keep the natural curves in your back (also known as “zafu sitting”). You can read more about this in our hands massage manual here : https://hackingwithcare.in/wiki/doku.php/maozada#good_posture



Monkey Mind Massage (preview)


Follow our link to a few images which illustrate simple yummy massage moves to calm the restlessss minds : https://hackingwithcare.in/wiki/doku.php/monkey_mind_massage

A peek at our next massage manual..?! More moves, detailed instructions, and workshops (like the one we did during last CCC camp in the summer ) to come.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this (and the Chimp On Gimp style !) Share, care, and feel free to give us feedback and scratchback (or even to propose your help on this next project) via the HWC discussion mailing list


On breathing pattern in Anxiety and Panic

There is not only one “good way” to breathe, there are different situations in life and different ways to most efficiently breathe through them (whether we are resting, running for our lives, playing the flute…). Below is  a good article describing how a “paradoxical” breathing pattern affects body functions,  and is notoriously involved in chronic anxiety / panic attacks. From there we see how to (help) operate a switch from anxious states to a relaxed state, and generally restore balance between the systems/functions, using guided deep abdominal breathing and massage of the accessory respiratory muscles. KEY.

>> A Bridge to reducing chronic anxiety and panic attacks, by Dale G. Alexander in Massage Today

More resources to Hack Anxiety on HWC’s wiki here

A breath of fresh Justice for Assange !


“The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has found that Julian Assange is being arbitrarily and unlawfully detained by Sweden and the United Kingdom; and that he must be immediately released and compensated. More”

>> Justice for Assange

>> Freeing Julian Assange: The last chapter, by John Pilger (+ em Portugues : O preso politico que expoe o Imperio)

>> Julian Assange: What happens to your body when you are indoors for three years ? Kashmira Gander

Panic attack info and first aid guidelines

Capture d’écran 2016-02-02 à 10.27.26

Sudden shortness of breath, choking, racing heartbeat, pain in the chest, nausea, sweating, shaking, feels like dying, completely losing it… What is happening ? It might well be a Panic attack.

Although very impressive, panic attacks are often not as dangerous as they look, manageable, reversible, and can be avoided in the future. Much of the terror they bring can be controlled by understanding what is actually going on in the body and mind of the person. Whether it’s you or friend. So, in times of peace and quiet, do a bit of research on that extreme physiological state, so you are able to help yourself or someone when the attack attacks. Also, when the emergency has passed, it is important to consider the personal context in which the attack(s) took place, identify, maybe, some triggers. Only then can remedies be found in life and lifestyle that will prevent such challenging crisis from happening again.

Here are some suggested reading:

>> Panic attacks information sheets, Centre for Clinical Intervention

>> Panic attack first aid guidelines, Mental Health First Aid Australia




Today AI WEIWEI shuts down his exhibition in Copenhagen in protest at a new law that allows authorities to steal asylum seekers’ valuables as they enter Denmark. Meanwhile, those who couldn’t make it to his great exhibition in the Royal Academy of arts in London can now enjoy a full 360 visit of the show online – Julian Assange, for example, fellow political dissident and refugee still trapped inside the Ecuadorian embassy not far after years of a really stinky legal deadlock, is grateful and has a little foreword to share (check how he says hello).

34 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching


Whether you’re a chronic sitter, a daily exerciser, or a weekend warrior, you probably know stretching is a critical habit. By sending blood flow to your muscles and helping your joints move through their full range of motion, stretching improves your posture and athletic performance while lowering your risk of pain and injury.

But when you do yoga or a flexibility routine, do you know which muscles you’re actually stretching? Or whether you’re performing each stretch correctly?

With this knowledge in your back pocket, you can choose the best stretches for your goals. And if you ever feel pain — and I don’t mean the good, stretchy kind of pain but the “Whoa, something doesn’t feel right” kind of pain — you can pinpoint the muscle giving you trouble and alter your technique to avoid getting injured.



“Create something new” – Nafeez Ahmed on making a difference

“We are, therefore, in the midst of a momentous civilisational transition, the outcomes of which are not set in stone. In this context, the chronically bad news we see everyday is not just bad news: it also signals the inevitable decline of a particular way of being in the world. But this also opens up, here and now, opportunities to forge what comes after.

Within the very accelerating failure of the present paradigm, the opportunity to explore and build new paradigms that work also accelerates.

So what can we do? What can you, as one person do?

Here’s, roughly, what I tell people when they ask me this, based on my own limited experience and efforts.”

>> How to change the world in 3 easy steps, by Nafeez Ahmed, investigative journalist, founder of Insurge Intelligence

An End to Self-Care, B. Loewe

“I’m going to say it. I want to see an end to “self-care.” Can we put a nail in self-care’s coffin and instead birth a newer discussion of community care?

As I most often hear it, self-care stands as an importation of middle-class values of leisure that’s blind to the dynamics of working class (or even family) life, inherently rejects collective responsibility for each other’s well-being, misses power dynamics in our lives, and attempts to serve as a replacement for a politics and practice of desire that could actually ignite our hearts with a fuel to work endlessly.

Talking about how we sustain ourselves, honor our personal needs, and prioritize our well-being in this brusque and brutal world is a huge advance from movement culture generations before.  However, centering that conversation on ‘self-care’ devoid of our place in the collective misses the central point of why we need to care for ourselves. And that is because we must have all of our strength in place to counter the systems which, without our ability to resist and transform, without the self-preservation Audre Lorde describes, would see us destroyed.”

>> Continue reading  An End to Self-Care, by B. Loewe, and visit Organizing Upgrade for more thoughts on the subject and community care resources

Mãozada – The Handshake: HWC hands massage manual !


Hacking with Care is happy to share a hands massage manual we have created for everyone to enjoy ! Now available in full on our wiki and right here in pdf, ready for printing 🙂 

Love to our friends and to all those yet-strangers who will become friends after a good handshake <3 !!!

Mãozada − The Handshake was redacted in Portugal, in 2015.

Texts are by Emily King. Drawings are by Dayana Lucas. Special thanks to La Quadrature du Net, Sarah Hiltner, and everyone who helped in the making of this manual <3 !

You are free to print, copy, circulate, and remix as you please. Do not, however, make any commercial use of this work in whole or part. It was conceived as a gift; please use it as such.

From the Introduction :

Our hands are tools; they transform thought into action, shape our reality, connect us to the world and the beautiful beings that are part of it.

An extension of our hearts, they can bring the ones we love closer, and keep at a distance those we distrust.

Their sophisticated anatomy enables both the use of brute force and the most delicate of gestures. They feed us, defend us, but also hold onto a lot of stress.

As the bark of the tree, the skin of our hands holds the traces of the many stories that make up our lives.

Since all body parts tend to reflect a greater whole, a hand massage will have positive effects on the general state of being.





Captain Paul Watson doesn’t do Stress


Sea Sheperd Captain Paul Watson who knows a thing or two about about stress shares his insights and tips :

“I am often asked how I deal with stress considering I’m wanted by Japan and Costa Rica, I have a price on my head from the shark fin mafia of Costa Rica, we have numerous ships on the sea in dangerous campaigns, I am being sued, threatened and harassed continuously and I have a lot of enemies, critics and people who wish me harm.

The answer to this is simple. I don’t deal with stress, because I do not suffer from stress. And these are ten primary reasons why, and for anyone suffering from anxiety, worry or stress, I would like to offer this advice.”

Continue reading “Dealing with that Killer called Stress”, by Paul Watson


DOCTEURE DUCHESNE @Toulouse, 7-8 Nov


DocteurE Duchesne dit :

Le DocteurE Duchesne vient faire un tour à Toulouse !

À 16H
Je serai au festival Femme Scandal à Terre Blanque, pour un talk interactif sur les sexualités et la santé féminines, trans & queer. Ecrivez vos questions sur un pâpier, on met tout dans un saladier, et je répondrai en public pendant 1h30 aux questions les plus inspirantes !!!

À 15H
Atelier auto-exam au spéculum dans un lieu cozy secret à Toulouse !!! Ça va être super love comme d’hab. Dans la première partie, “théorique”, je raconterai histoire du spéculum et de la gynécologie (TW : c’est violent !!), puis on passe à la pratique pour (re)découvrir son col de l’utérus et s’initier aux bases de l’auto-examen (manipulation du spéculum, observation). Atelier non-mixte meufs/gouines/trans.

PLACES LIMITÉES !! Réservation obligatoire par mail, à poussydraama@riseup.net
Le lieu te sera révélé à la suite de ton inscription !
Je fournis les spéculum, apporte un petit miroir et une lampe de poche !



Alan, the Monkey in your Mind


Thoughts on the restless mind (a.k.a “monkey mind” ), exhaustion from over-thinking, and simple breathing exercise to help drop the bananas, here in this article on Zentacles.

“You’ve got a monkey in your brain. Let’s call him Alan.

Alan is like most normal monkeys. He swings about from tree to tree, he loooooves bananas, and in all likelihood he will never stay in one place for longer than a few minutes. Now let’s say you have something you need to tell Alan – you get him down from whichever tree you find him in, you sit him down on a chair, and you start talking to him. Only before you’ve even finished your sentence, to your dismay, Alan is off back up the tree. You try a few more times, and Alan very helpfully sits there for a number of seconds whilst you try and get your words out. But the same pattern continues, and in the end you give up.”



Quinta-feira, dia 8, às 19h
Filme MIAU: Movimiento insurrecto por la autonomía de Una Misma
* seguido de conversa de boca cheia sobre saúde sexo e autonomia

“Convidamos todas e todos a assistir a este documentário!
É uma chamada a todas as que ignoramos o funcionamento do nosso corpo e nos vemos submetidas a qualquer estrutura machista e patriarcal, seja a médica, a farmacêutica ou qualquer pessoa ou instituição que nos tente silenciar.
Nós lutamos para viver numa sociedade livre e enquanto o fazemos, criamos laços de confiança e compartilhamos o conhecimento aprendido, esperando que se entenda que aí está a graça, em aprender e ensinar, com generosidade, matando o ego e a usura.
Por isso este documentário é uma prenda, porque é conhecimento livre.”

Sexta-feira, dia 9, às 18h
Workshop livre – Calendário menstrual e partilha de experiências

>> MIAU no vimeo


CYCLE : calendar program for women


CYCLE is a “calendar program for women. Given a cycle length or statistics for several periods, it can calculate the days until menstruation, the days of “safe” sex, the fertile period, and the days to ovulations, and define the d.o.b. of a child. It allows the user to write notes and helps to supervise the reception of hormonal contraceptive tablets.

Cycle is written in Python (also wxPython required) and distributed under the GNU General Public License.”


ZEN and the art of making tech work for you

Gender and Tech Ressources >> ZEN and the art of making tech work for you,  complete manual (Tactical Technology Collective + Association for Progressive Communication)

From the Introduction:

“This manual is a community-built resource for our growing community of women and trans* activists, human rights defenders and technologists. It is designed to be a living, growing collection of practical guidance and information that uniquely speaks to our needs, experiences, and activism, both online and offline. Content listed in the manual was created in response to our community’s requests for ideas and guidance they needed, but couldn’t find elsewhere. Therefore, this initial manual content doesn’t cover many other topics that we hope to add with your support and input as it evolves here on the wiki. The current manual explores two overlapping issues:

  • First, how can we craft appropriate online presences (or a series of them) that strengthen our ability to communicate and work online safely?
  • Secondly, how can we collaboratively create safe online and offline spaces that enable our communities to share, collaborate, and communicate safely?

This is a process: Stay centered, cultivate patience, and practice self-care

The first most important thing to remember when using this manual, is that we have used the concept of “zen” in the title to highlight the importance of embracing technology with the calm understanding that it won’t always work perfectly. Sometimes you might need to spend time pondering technology and the significance of it in your life, in your community and in the world. And other times you might need to take a break and come back to it.”

On regulating the spirit in accordance with the Qi of autumn


“The three months of autumn,

they denote taking in and balance

The Qi of heaven becomes tense *

The Qi of the earth becomes bright.

Go to rest early and rise early,

get up together with the chicken.

Let the mind be peaceful and tranquil, so as

to temper the punishment carried out in autumn**.

Collect the spirit Qi and

cause the autumn Qi to be balanced.

Do not direct your mind to the outside and

cause the lung Qi to be clear.

This is the correspondence with the Qi of autumn and

it is the way to nourish gathering.

Opposing it harms the lung.

In winter this causes outflow of undigested food and

there is little to support storage. ***”

*Wang Bing: Wind blows with a cutting sound

** Violent storms in autumn appeared like a punishment. This was also the season, in ancient China, to perform executions of criminals sentenced to capital punishment. Wang Bing: When the mental Qi is hectic, one is not careful in their activities. If one is not careful in their activities, one accentuate the severity of autumn punishments, goes along with killing, and destroys life. Hence, one establishes a peaceful and tranquil mind to soften the punishments carried out in autumn.

*** Wang Bing: It is to say: to carry out the orders of summer in contrast [to the requirements of autumn]. The lung corresponds to metal and flourishes in autumn. Hence, to carry out [in autumn] the orders of summer, this harms the Qi. In winter the water flourishes and the metal perishes. Hence, the disease develops in winter. If one opposes the [orders of] autumn and harms the lung, this results in diminished Qi [with a reduced ability] to receive the storage in winter.

Comprehensive discourse on regulating the spirit in accordance with the Qi of the four seasons,  in Huang Di nei jing su wen, annotated translation, by Paul U. Unschuld and Hermann Tessenow, University of California

Painting: John Grimshaw, Autumn Sun

Ethical research includes encryption: Surveillance Self-Defense for researchers

NEW >> EFF ‘s surveillance self-defense playlist for academic researchers

“This playlist addresses three separate but interrelated themes: first, the ethical conduct of research involving human participants, second, the protection of research data, and lastly, protection of the researchers themselves.”

Ethical research includes encryption !!!

The Wikileaks Files


The Wikileaks Files, The World according to US Empire (Verso books) is out !! Julian Assange’s Introduction HERE. 

“The WikiLeaks Files presents expert analysis on the most important cables and outlines their historical importance. In a series of chapters dedicated to the various regions of the world, the book explores the machinations of the United States as it imposes its agenda on other nations: a new form of imperialism founded on varied tactics from torture to military action, to trade deals and “soft power,” in the perpetual pursuit of expanding influence. It illustrates the close relationship between government and big business in promoting US trade.”

The Lifelong Activist guide

The Lifelong Activist is a self-help guide for activists by Hillary Rettig. Topics include Manage your mission, manage your time, your fears, your relationship to yourself and to others. Translations section with Indonesian, Italian, Spanish..

“I believe that progressive activists are the world’s most precious resource. We tackle the most difficult and important problems— including hunger, war, disease, poverty, violence, cruelty and exploitation— and work to further humanity’s evolution in the direction of compassion and kindness. Conservatives may create more wealth, but we create more of the values, including justice, equality and freedom, that make life worth living. As history has repeatedly shown us, and as we are unfortunately witnessing in the United States today, wealth without the tempering of progressive values and mores leads inevitably to corruption and despair.”


Police infiltration, traumatized trust

“The news that people we knew, trusted, worked with and loved are not who we thought they were, has come as a shock to many people. For some, it has meant that close and intimate relationships were not what they seemed, representing a massive personal betrayal. Others may not have known the police infiltrators so closely, or even at all, but the news can still have a big impact on us, as individuals, groups and movements.”

Read Activist Trauma Support leaflet on the sickening effects of police infiltration, how to heal, support each other – and find more resources (on PTSD, self-care in activism..), contact info, on their website.


Watch “Lily”, Harry, and Jason’s talk about their experience at Chaos Communication Camp 2015:

“Resisting surveillance: It’s not just about the metadata. The infiltration and physical surveillance of activists.


JOY (Victor Serge)

Russian revolutionary Victor Serge on JOY in his book MEN in PRISON

“The only healthy reaction of the organism against the incessant, multiple, insidious, and harassing pressure of madness is joy. We all have great powers of vitality. We are filled with such deep love of life that sometimes it takes only the slightest outside impulse to make the flame of joy suddenly rise up in us. And we are elevated above ourselves, the present, despair, prison.”


Wildlife sound archives (Australian Dawn Chorus)


Revive your spirits by immersing yourself in nature, and if you can’t access all of nature now: There is the fantastic collection of wildlife sounds digitized and archived by the Macaulay Library project of the Cornell lab of Ornithology.  For when we get tired of words, for daydreaming, creative drifting, for when beauty has been eclipsed too long, when we need to feel the world is big and full of life and we are part of it.

Early risers might like a DAWN CHORUS of Australia rainforest birds

Other curious suggestions on the blog


Barrett Brown’s Temazcal experience

In his article on The Intercept, unjustly imprisoned US journalist and activist Barrett Brown relates his experience of joining Lakota Indians inmates friends for a Temazcal / sweat lodge ceremony, from building the bonfire to sweating and singing together inside the hut. Temazcal are powerful collective physical and spiritual healing ceremonies practised by native Americans, with strong emphasis on the natural elements, fire, water, air, earth.



Recommended: More Barrett Brown Prison Writing

Donate, Write, Send a book : HELP Barrett Brown HERE 

” In the meantime, I continue to have neat adventures. Last month one of the American Indian inmates invited me to attend their weekly sweat lodge ceremony, which is held in a fenced-off area that each federal prison is required to provide for ritual use by the Natives. The next morning I showed up at the appointed time and, having determined that it wasn’t an ambush, I began helping the 20 or so resident Indians break up tree branches for fire kindling, something I did very much with the air of a five-year-old who believes himself to be “helping Daddy.” Next we built a large bonfire (I assisted by staying out the way and being good) by which to heat up several dozen large rocks that would be used for “the sweat.” The fire-making process was expedited by strategically placed crumpled-up sheets of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which I gather is not a strictly traditional aspect of most shamanistic ceremonies. As if to acknowledge this, one of the Indians declared, “The one good thing the white man ever did was invent paper.” Naturally all eyes were on me, and I knew that this might be my only chance to win them over. “We didn’t invent it,” I blurted out. “We just stole it from the Chinese.” This produced appreciative chuckles all around. “I got a laugh out of the Indians!” I thought exultantly, my triumph so complete that I was unbothered by the fact that what I’d said wasn’t really true.

By and by we crawled into the lodge, a wood-and-canvas structure with a dirt floor, in the middle of which had been dug a pit to hold the heated rocks that would be providing the extraordinary heat we would need to sweat out our sins. The flap was then closed from the outside, leaving us in perfect darkness, and thereafter began the first of the 15-minute “rounds” of the sweat ceremony, which consisted of all manner of tribal songs, entreaties to the spirits, and sometimes just discussions and announcements. At one point my sponsor, a Lakota, declared that although superficially white, I might nonetheless have an “Indian spirit.” It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said about me, this polite supposition that I might not really be descended from the fair-skinned race of marauding, treaty-breaking slavers whose Novus Ordo Seclorum had been built on a foundation of genocide. But insomuch as I’d spent the bulk of the ceremony not in prayer, but rather in a state of neurotic concern over whether or not my self-deprecating comment from an hour earlier about whites stealing paper could have perhaps been a bit more crisply phrased, I’m afraid my spirit would seem to be Anglo-Saxon after all.

Although undeniably majestic, the ceremony was also something of a disappointment. I had gone into the thing hoping that I might mysteriously know exactly what to do — how to pass the peace pipe and all that — and maybe even start singing old Cherokee songs that the eldest of those present would barely recall having heard from their own grandfathers. Stunned, the Indians would collectively intone, “He shall know your ways as if born to them,” this being the ancient prophecy I had thereby fulfilled, and then I would unite the tribes under my banner and lead the foremost of their warriors on a jihad against our shared enemies, as Paul Muad’Dib did. Instead, the Indians had to remind me several times not to just stand up and start walking around during the ceremony.”



Ateliers DIY Gyneco avec Poussy Draama (Aout @la campagne)

En Aout Poussy Draama, a.k.a DocteurE Duchesne, vous convie à deux ateliers DIY gyneco camping et partages, dans la campagne en été :

“Pour changer des consultations individuelles, nous travaillerons en groupe autour des thèmes habituels du DocteurE.

2 sessions au choix :

du 1er au 4 août
du 8 au 11 août

– Discussions, écriture, lecture, partage de connaissances
– Initiation et pratique de l’auto-examen
– Cueillette/transformation de plantes
– Rituels, healing, chill et amitié !

Construisons ensemble une gynécologie adaptée à tous les corps, non-violente, non-jugeante et non-discriminante !

Enfants et femmes enceintes bienvenu.e.s !

Couchage en tente ou en caravane
Repas et good vibe inclus
Tarif : ±30 € selon tes moyens (gratuit si tu es du planning familial, ou sex educator, ou si ta vie est dédiée à changer le monde à temps plein)
Nombre max. de participant-e-s : 5

Emmène ton sac de couchage et des vêtements dans lesquels tu te sens bien. Attention ! Ici nous n’avons ni eau courante, ni électricité, ni internet : les prince-sse-s sont prévenu-e-s !

Possibilité d’arriver et repartir quelques jours avant ou après, pour prolonger le plaisir ou si tu viens de loin.

Infos et inscriptions :
ou 06 86 14 00 02″

Big bisous !

Anarchy & Alcohol


“It’s no exaggeration, then, to say that alcohol has played a key role in the epidemic of fascism, racism, statism, imperialism, colonialism, sexism and patriarchy, class oppression, ungoverned technological development, religious superstition, and other bad stuff that has swept the earth over the past few millennia. It continues to play that role today, as the peoples of the whole world, finally universally domesticated and enslaved by global capitalism, are kept pacified and helpless by a steady supply of spirits. These evil spirits squander the time, money, health, focus, creativity, awareness, and fellowship of all who inhabit this universally occupied territory – “work is the curse of the drinking classes,” as Oscar Wilde said. It’s not surprising, for example, that the primary targets of advertising for malt liquor (a toxic by-product of the brewing process) are the inhabitants of ghettos in the United States: people who constitute a class that, if not tranquillized by addiction and incapacitated by self-destruction, would be on the front lines of the war to destroy capitalism.”

>> ANARCHY & ALCOHOL (CrimethInc.)

So, Marriage and Love, Emma Goldman (1910)

Marriage and Love, Emma Goldman (audiobook here)

“THE popular notion about marriage and love is that they are synonymous, that they spring from the same motives, and cover the same human needs. Like most popular notions this also rests not on actual facts, but on superstition.

Marriage and love have nothing in common; they are as far apart as the poles; are, in fact, antagonistic to each other. No doubt some marriages have been the result of love. Not, however, because love could assert itself only in marriage; much rather is it because few people can completely outgrow a convention. There are to-day large numbers of men and women to whom marriage is naught but a farce, but who submit to it for the sake of public opinion. At any rate, while it is true that some marriages are based on love, and while it is equally true that in some cases love continues in married life, I maintain that it does so regardless of marriage, and not because of it.”

Marriage : Thanks but no thanks ?

Michael Cobb shares an opinion on marriage in The Supreme Court’s Lonely Hearts Club (NYT, June 30)

“Marriage equality activists could have pursued a different agenda — challenging the need for sexual scrutiny by the state, and the constellation of benefits that belong to marriage — but they didn’t. Instead of dreaming up new forms of governance, they asked to be ruled by the ones that already exist.

And so old questions remain: Why can’t I put a good friend on my health care plan? Why can’t my neighbour and I file our taxes together so we could save some money, as my parents do? If I failed to make a will, why is it unlikely a dear friend would inherit my estate?

The answers to all these questions are the same: It’s because I’m not having sex with those people. (To make matters worse, that also means we probably didn’t have children together.) For the only thing that truly distinguishes romance and marriage from other loving intimacies like friendships, other familial relationships and close business partnerships is that sex is (or once was) part of the picture.

So yes, marriage equality erases an odious and invidious distinction among straight and us not-straight citizens for which I’m truly glad and which I celebrate. And it’ll make lots of people’s lives better. But it also leaves unexamined the reason sex seems to give you benefits and recognition — and why it orders the world and civilization.”

Au lit avec une Histoire: La Commune, Louise Michel

Sur Librivox (Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain), lecture dans nos oreilles des souvenirs de La Commune par Louise Michel

Louise Michel (1830-1905) était une anarchiste française très active dans la Commune de Paris de 1871. Son livre “La Commune” écrit en 1898 raconte ce qui s’y passa durant cette période.

Louise Michel (1830-1905) was a french anarchist very active during the Paris Commune of 1871. Her book “La Commune” written in 1898 describes what happened in that event.

Pas Sage en Seine @NUMA, Paris 18-21 Juin

Ateliers, conférences, accès libre de aujourd’hui à dimanche, au NUMA rue du caire à Paris. Le programme est ICI.


Samedi à 18h, Benjamin Sonntag avec “Turing, Asimov, Orwell, Huxley: 70 ans d’histoire de l’informatique et de la surveillance” et à 21h, les inculpés et amis de Tarnac “Hacker veut dire se rendre ingouvernable”

et Dimanche à 13h, “Un an de campagne avec La Quadrature du Net” par Adrienne Charmet

+ une chiffro fête aka cryptoparty

Bonne fin de semaine

>> Pas Sage en Seine

>> Pas Sage en Seine, 4 jours d’haktivisme au coeur de Paris, Jerome Hourdeaux sur le blog de Mediapart


Freedom to Breathe (A. Solzhenitsyn)

“A shower fell in the night and now dark clouds drift across the sky, occasionally sprinkling a fine film of rain. I stand under an apple-tree in blossom and I breathe. Not only the apple-tree but the grass round it glistens with moisture; words cannot describe the sweet fragrance that pervades the air. Inhaling as deeply as I can, the aroma invades my whole being; I breathe with my eyes open, I breathe with my eyes closed – I cannot say which gives me the greater pleasure.

This I believe, is the single most precious freedom that prison takes away from us: the freedom to breathe freely, as I now can. No food on earth, no wine, not even a woman’s kiss is sweeter to me than this air steeped in the fragrance of flowers, of moisture and freshness.

No matter that this is only a tiny garden, hemmed in by five storey houses like cages in a zoo. I cease to hear the motorcycles backfiring, the radios whining, the burble of loudspeakers. as long as there is fresh air to breathe under an apple-tree after a shower, we may survive a little longer.”

Freedom to Breathe

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

(Stories and Prose Poems)