HACKING WITH CARE : Attention, bien-être et politique de l’ordinaire dans le milieu hacktiviste

There are numerous reasons to draw parallels between the hacktivist movement and a vision of the future that is politicized, self-governing, and libertarian. As shown in the documentary We Are Legion, hacktivism has evolved into a tool for politicization and transnational solidarity. Hackers value and encourage an empowering, transparent, and freeing relationship with tools, technology, and knowledge. They are often viewed through the lens of their ethics, values, and social engagements – but how does this translate for them on a daily basis? How do hackers invest in relationships that reflect their political discourse? What are the links between hacktivism, care, and the politicization of everyday life? How do hacktivists practice self-care and handle exclusion problems within their community?

Hacking with Care : Attention, bien-être et politique de l’ordinaire dans le milieu hacktiviste

– Anne Goldenberg, DPI 27, Hacktivism, April 24, 2013

Carpal Tunnel: Anatomy, Syndrome and Exercises

VIDEO Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises that really work – Boing Boing.

Anatomy of the region:



Q/A (from wisegeek.com)


“Tendinitis is a condition that is created by some type of irritation or inflammation of the tendon. Since tendons are the connecting tissue that adheres muscles to the skeletal structure of the body, this inflammation can be extremely painful. Tendinitis can come about as the result of certain types of physical activity and exertion, as well as be the product of other health ailments that are creating adverse effects on other parts of the body as well as the tendons.

One of the most common causes of tendinitis is overexertion. When the muscles become strained due to heavy lifting or any movements that place the muscles and tendons into unnatural positions, there is a chance of straining the tendons and creating temporary irritation. Repeated activity of this nature may inhibit the ability of the tendons to recover from each episode and lead to tendon inflammation. When this is the case, it is often necessary to visit a physician and obtain medication to help reduce the swelling and the discomfort while the tendons heal.
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“The carpal tunnel is a narrow area that is located under the ligament, a band of tough tissue, of the wrist. It consists of both tendons, which are connective tissue between the bones and muscles, and nerves. One of the primary nerves in this area is known as the median nerve, which is located down the forearm into the wrist. When the median nerve becomes irritated or otherwise affected, it can cause pain in the tunnel and lead to the condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

When the area near the carpal tunnel, especially its tendons, becomes swollen or inflamed, it can result in the tunnel becoming more narrow and pressing down on the median nerve. This narrowing of the tunnel is often due to repetitive movements of the wrist that may end up irritating the median nerve. It can also be caused by having a naturally smaller carpal tunnel, which can make even slight constriction of the tunnel press down on the median nerve and cause symptoms.”

Full article here + how to “treat carpal tunnel syndrome”