Hacking With Care is collective composed of hackers-activists, caregivers, artists, sociologist,  growing quite literally by contact and affinity.

Together we imagine, circulate, put in common resources and tools for care in accordance with hackers ethics and peer-to-peer philosophy. We create occasions for body & soul rejuvenation and collective (re)appropriation of care. We work with an understanding of the needs and requirements of specific contexts, as can be found in hacking and activism. Similarly, we like to transmit to caregivers some hackers-activists tools and best practices, for example in relation to privacy/data protection, technological independence, operational security. Other aspects we like are creativity in care, access to knowledge, interdisciplinarity, questioning of norms…

Our actions evolve around two principal axis that could be (but not limited to): Care for hackers-activists and Hackers ethics and tools for caregivers. They include care corners at hackers-activists events, pop-up massage sessions at the quarters of activists organizations,  massage and well-being workshops and tutorials, compilation of resources and creation of original resources, research, news watch

Indeed, we are aware big-hearted hackers and activists are exposed to life-threatening levels of stress and emotional challenges. Some burnout, some are imprisoned or experience limitations or abuse of their rights, in retaliation for their deeds. Some die. Meanwhile, the health-care sectors (where the most vulnerable people become yet more exposed) serve corporate and shady political agendas by default. We, as individuals, as communities, are being “holistically” attacked by the systems in governance : attacks and restrictions on life and freedoms keep intensifying everywhere, motivated by unchecked power and greed. They affect all, in all areas of life, including access to healthcare. 

These converging realizations and the great joys we have in doing what we do all, inspired us to put together this initiative. We want to help become aware of vulnerabilities in our movements and organize so that each and everyone’s capacities to care and be cared for will not be compromised.

We have a broad understanding of the concept of care and we practice the well-being arts as powerful means to encourage, mirror and sustain altruism, and to embody a web of trust. With Hacking with Care, we wish to contribute to the resiliency and prosperity of what we see as an extended network of caregivers: hackers-activists, lawyers, journalists, artists, whistle-blowers, many others with or without a “profession” or a “name”, distant and near, free and imprisoned, each of us node in a human support network.

You may have met us at OHM, 30C3, 31C3, 32C3, LOOP, Cij-Logan Symposium, and CCC15 with French organization La Quadrature du Net !!

Visit our WIKI 🙂  You will find more information about our actions, as well as resources for care (for your body or your devices) that we have created or compiled from other organizations (manuals, information sheets, articles, first aid guidelines…).

contact@hackingwithcare.in ID: 8E5DA96A D47A 6871 ED10 2138 86B3 15C7 E4D6 B1AD 8E5D A96A

Discussion mailing list : https://lists.laquadrature.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/hackingwithcare

Twitter @hackingwithcare