Peter Deadman is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist living in the UK. He is a founder of the Journal of Chinese Medicine, co-author of a famous Manual of Acupuncture, and author of the book Live well, live long, about the Chinese nourishment of life tradition (yangsheng).

Last year during lockdown he shared the video of a simple routine to nurture life forces, activate circulation in the body and specifically the lungs, all the while cultivating calmness of the heart and mind. Under a soft, easy, humble (humbling) guise, Qigong can bring significant improvements on one’s well-being when practiced regularly.

He now shares a 20 min sequence of seated Qigong for long covid sufferers to help build up strength, improve breath, and reduce anxiety and fear. It should also be good for people who are not long covid sufferers but who live with chronic disorders or are otherwise weakened, who will be glad there is stuff out there that isn’t only destined to the young able bodies.

Maybe this/these sequences practiced regularly can help some of us. In any case, Peter Deadman’s tranquil, grounded, low-key delivery is in itself rather soothing, a welcome contrast to all the frantic care-consumerism that has been going on since the pandemic hit us.