Hacking with Care sessions, 3/4 Sept. Berlin : A schedule !


PLEASE NOTE : Additions and modifications to the schedule originally published here were made on August 28th, please see this post for up to date schedule !!

Dear Friends,

We are happy to share with you a schedule of activities for the two-days Hacking with Care Sessions that will take place on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September at c-base, in Berlin.

Note this schedule is open to organic changes, so a as to best accommodate the people and possibilities in real time. We will keep you posted on these via twitter @hackingwithcare. At the bottom of this post you will find detailed description of the activities.



We like a schedule that is not too packed, to balance more active moments, leave room for spontaneity and chill out, and simply enjoy being together. That said, there could still be room for a thing or two, so if you wish to contribute, you can still do send your proposal at event@hackingwithcare.in. Likewise if you wish to simply help around, setting things up and down, seeing that everything goes smoothly, that will be appreciated!

As you will see, some workshop (Hack Anxiety) can only accommodate a limited number of participants. We would appreciate if you would write us to say if you wish to attend. Generally, and although it is not necessary to do so, it can be nice of you to let us know whether you will be coming or not and to what, because that could help us with organization and logistics.

Looking forward to seeing you there <3

The Hacking with Care team !

contact: event@hackingwithcare.in


Tea Must Flow ! Saturday and Sunday at the opening. Jérémie Zimmermann introduces us to the Tea House, the different varieties of tea, how to prepare them, how to maintain a nice  flow of tea throughout the day, and most importantly, to the magic of convivialiTEA.

Handshake ! Saturday 3, 11h-12h30. Emily shares some tips and guides you through a simple hands massage protocol, that will help you take care of each other’s hands… and fortify friendships !

About Hacking with Care. Saturday 14h-15h. Co-founders and Hacking with Care facilitators Jérémie Zimmermann and Emily present Hacking with Care, genesis, line of thought and actions, future. The following conversations will focus on identifying our needs, our capacities, as individuals and groups, what we wish for with this project/collective, and how we could do it.

Boneshaker ! Saturday 12h30 and Sunday 17h. Preventing physical stress from programming and sitting all day, is a lesson hosted by physiotherapist Sarah Hiltner.

“I am a physiotherapist, Ask Me Anything” (Live). Saturday 15h-16h. With Sarah Hiltner.

Hack Anxiety. Sunday 11h30-13h. Emily shares basic knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System so as to better understand what goes on in stress, anxiety and panic. She then guides you though breathing exercises that can help operate a switch from the Flee or Fight response to the Rest and Digest response. Number of participants limited to 10 or less. WARNING: Breathing exercises can trigger emotional release (and we will be here for you and do our best to help you through it, just be aware that this can sometimes happen to you, or others)

Desktop Self-Care Kit and Massage. Sunday 12h-13h. Mostro shares her theoretical and practical knowledge of the side effects of working at a computer all day, from prolonged stillness to the way we consume food and drinks, and shows a massage routine to relax, prevent and reduce the strains.

Never make any promise. Sunday 14h-15h. Loic Dachary shares his insights on Overcommitment and Stress. “When hacking on a volunteer basis, overcommitment is a great source of stress. It feels so good when the promise is made, either by assigning a bug to yourself or by carelessly writing on IRC: “Sure, I’ll do it”. Most of the time it turns into a burden (except for the rare aliens who are born without the procrastination gene). But there is no need for this self-inflicted punishment: it is enough to do things and talk about what was done in the past instead of promising to do things in the feature. A seemingly simple replacement that changes everything.”

Working Group on Burnout. Sunday 15h-17h. Join Jérémie Zimmermann to hack burnout.

Working Group on Digital and Operational Security for caregivers and friends. Sunday 15h-17h. Caregivers and Hackers-activists get together to brainstorm on security, identify the needs and specificities, towards creating resources (possibly a guide) for caregivers in action.

Monkey Mind.  Sunday 18h -19h30. Emily shares massage tips and guides you through a simple head and face massage to help calm restless / hyperactive minds, and maybe fall asleep.

Crypto and Care Bar. Sunday 17h-19h. Offer, share, swap your care-full skills with peers, whether these be hands massage, or help with setting up OTR.. If you wish to get help on your computer, don’t forget to bring it 😉


Care corners will be set up with professional massage tables, massage chair and yoga massage futon for working on the floor.  Caregivers will propose individual massage/ bodywork sessions (by booking on site, old school pen and paper).  The care corners will also be open, available  for everyone to use during the two days, provided you respect the Ethical Guidelines we have drafted. The individual sessions will be free or on donations or with trades of care/skills (See Crypto and Care bar).