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Hacking With Care resources

You are free and invited to print, copy, circulate, remix our materials, but please do not make commercial use of these works, in whole or part - it's a gift, please use them as such. Be kind enough to contact us if for publication in a mainstream media outlet.

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Rise of the Massage

  • MAOZADA- THE HANDSHAKE, hands massage manual with illustrations (also in pdf)
  • PRE-MOON MASSAGE - A suggested full-body massage protocol to soothe premenstrual discomforts
  • MONKEY MIND MASSAGE - Head and face massage to calm the restless mind

Freedoms of Movement

  • HWC Boot Sequence Video Tutorial. Guided sequence of simple movements for day-to-day self-care. To wake up, warm up, unlock, stretch, strengthen. Recommended in the morning, before physical activity (including long hours of computer work), or as an interlude, to restore some flow in the body after prolonged stillness. Dedicated to Julian Assange.
  • Coding your body, a talk on body mechanics, movement and good posture at 30C3, by S.Hiltner
  • Workrave, being programmed by a program a review of software Workrave, by S. Hiltner
  • MyOwnStretchWare Reverse Engineering for public health, by Bob

Hack Anxiety

Body-Mind-Machine awareness

Visuals / Online projects

  • Liberation Gif FREE THEM FRIENDS
  • Help Yourself Help: Collective Abecedary of thoughts, tips, tools for creative, resourceful caregiving
  • a blog where we post elements of related news watch, thoughts and inspirations, art bits, quotes, sounds…
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