Hackers Food : Is There An Alternative?

Ok it’s not a gastronomic congress, but can we pretend to a sustainable alternative without including the food system?

Maybe we lack whisthleblowers from the food industry ? For whatever reasons, it seems that hackers are condemned (by design) to eating junk..

Why is it every times no choice in between hot dogs or pizza or crepes ? for vegetarians it’s often worst: plastic salad with fake cream cheese or frozen carottes with industrial beans?

One can argue that germany is the country of salami and ham, but it’s also the one of Demeter and high standards organic agriculture..

So I’d like to understand : Is food the last preoccupation of the organization ? Is industrial junk is the default option?

Yes there is lots of constraint to feed thousands of people, but no more than other organizational aspect..

How can it be so exemplar on every single organizational aspect but food ?

I’d like to understand that… Is is it because the junk industry is so well implanted and irreplaceable?

Why is it so hard to have the same level of exigence and ethics than for other technology and social issue?

It seems that fooding (and well being in general) is the ultimate thing to hack.

Du Bist Was Du Isst!