Trail Guide To The Body and other bodywork books


Andrew Biel’s TRAIL GUIDE TO THE BODY- a hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more, does exactly what it says. It is a good, complete, educational and entertaining book for everyone interested in learning and working with the body, professional or amateur. It teaches anatomy hands-on, but mostly, it shows a way, a method, to always get back on your hands while you give a massage, to always remain grounded in what you feel under your fingers. This, I find, is actually more important than knowing all the muscles by names, especially for amateurs, because then you cannot get it wrong so much. I also like it very much because it follows the metaphor of the body as a landscape and hence, of massage as a hike or a nice “promenade”, a powerful metaphor which I am fond of and work a lot with in both individual sessions and workshops (Coming soon in Paris is another edition of my Body as a Landscape massage Workshop)

Get the book, get out there, and explore !


The book is part of a pack here, along with other very good massage and bodywork books