Caring for the commons with OUR!Netmundial

It’s raining cats and unicorns on the Internet and we hope this will positively influence the climate and conditions for life there.

Some salutary raindrops come in the shape of signatures to OUR!NETmundial’s message to the governments of the world.

A global response to the successful failures of Internet Governance Meetings, the letter calls for strong principles and actions in order to End Global Surveillance and Protect a Free Internet, Internet being envisioned here as a common good.

This is also stated by Jérémie Zimmerman’s in a publication presenting the campaign “The Internet Governance’s Farce and its Multi-Stakeholder Illusion

Those interested to learn/reflect more about “the commons” can search the Digital Library of the Commons, which “provides free and open access to full-text articles, papers, and dissertations (…) relevant to the study of the commons.”